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Generics FAQ’s Part 4

DIFFERENCES BETWEEN EXCIPIENTS AND GALENICS PART 2 Why don’t you talk about the difference in excipients, which patients don’t always tolerate? You are right: generic medicine may differ from the original medicine in dosage form, appearance, as well as in composition.  The difference in excipients is not linked to the cost price of the drugsContinue reading “Generics FAQ’s Part 4”

Generics FAQ’s Part 3

DIFFERENCES BETWEEN EXCIPIENTS AND GALENICS Why are there fewer pills in generic medicine boxes than in original medicine boxes? Generally, boxes of generic drugs contain as many medications as boxes of original medicines. Suppose the laboratory that manufactures the generic drug decides to put a number different from that of the original drug in theContinue reading “Generics FAQ’s Part 3”

Generics FAQ’s Part 2

PRIORITY AND ORIGINAL DRUGS Why do we continue to manufacture new drugs if generics are so effective, sometimes with excipients with a notorious effect? The drug market is a free market in which competition can be exercised freely. When a laboratory discovers a molecule, he files a patent that gives him commercial exclusivity on thisContinue reading “Generics FAQ’s Part 2”

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